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About Link Maker

Link Maker is a social enterprise originated by Andy Leary-May and Craig Rigby- Wilson. It has the motive of children’s social care, and it was founded in 2014. This social organization comes under the category of Hospitals & Clinics.

They provide services like Adoption, Healthcare, and Fostering to the children in need. As of date, they have an online platform across Wales, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. Twelve people are taking care of all these things at present.

Now they are trying to expand their platform. The main Vision of Link Maker is to look up to children to find comfortable and stable relationships with those who can meet their needs and help children recover from their past and make them flourish. There are over 100 agencies collaborating with Link Marker.

Features/Vision of Link Maker

  • To improve the communication and data so that they can reach more people.
  • To make placement faster and easier. They are trying to improve the communication between the local authorities and independent adoption agencies. Over 1200 children have benefited because of this.
  • Promote more to the right places with better knowledge of sufficiency.
  • Intelligence and resources can be shared for effective collaboration
  • Search and filter placements by location, provider, and needs
  • Advance reporting and monitoring tools
  • Extract data instantly for FOI or statutory information request
  • Consortium and regional collaboration support.

How to Create an Account on Link Maker?

  • First and foremost, open the link given here:
  • After that, go to the Linkmaker homepage and click on the ‘Register’ button at the top of the screen.
  • Next, select the organization, and enter some basic details for your account, including your name, job title, organization, email address, and Username.
  • Also, choose your PIN to move further with the linkmaker sign in.
  • Once you have completed filling all the required fields, just confirm that you have read our terms and conditions.
  • Afterward, click on ‘register’ to create your account.
  • Next, enter your Email address to get a link to that address.
  • For activation of your account, it will take 5 working days.
  • The organization manually verifies the users before access is granted.

Link Maker Account Login Process

One of the most common questions is how to log into Linkmaker, so we’ve put up a step-by-step instructions below. Get it to the linkmaker website and follow our steps to achieve a linkmaker login.

  • Go to Link maker official web page
  • Click on login, and enter the correct username, password, and PIN.
  • After that, Click on ‘Login’ to complete the linkmaker login procedure.
  • Hurray!! Your account is accessed now.

How to Reset your Password to the Link Maker account?

  • To change your password, go to the username menu and select ‘change’ password.
  • Afterward, enter your existing password.
  • To move further, enter your new password and confirm it by re-entering.
  • Click save and your password will automatically be updated.

Reset Your username

  • To change linkmaker username, go to the username menu and select change username.
  • Next, enter your preferred new username and your current password.
  • Finally, click on the save button.
  • Congratulations!! Your new username will automatically be updated for linkmaker login.

Reset the PIN

  • To change the PIN, go to the username menu.
  • After that, select on change PIN.
  • Next, enter your preferred new PIN and current PIN.
  • Ultimately, click on save and your new PIN will automatically be updated.

Reset the forgotten password

  • Go to, click on log in.
  • In the linkmaker Login page at the bottom right you will get Forgot your username option click on that.
  • In the next step enter your registered email address.
  • You will get a link to that mail address click on it.
  • Moreover, it will direct you to the further process.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who can adopt children in Link Maker?

A: Families are approved to adopt any child, only if they can meet a specific child’s needs well enough. Besides, it doesn’t matter what color they are, or whether they are two men, one woman, or any other combination.

Q: What is the NAICS code for Link Maker?

A: The NAICS code for Link Maker is 62399

Q: How does Link Maker help children’s services?

A: From regional adoption agencies, Access the wide range of families, invite interest from families, schedule profile visibility, Involve and support families, and keep the information up to date.

Q: How to change the linkmaker password?

A: We have already mentioned the steps above. Check out that section and change your password easily.


To recap, we’ve discussed the linkmaker login & register process. All of the steps are briefly covered in depth to make your work easier. Lastly, share this website with your friends and family for a fantastic social approach. 

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